DMI 250

DMI-250Trickle Machine


This equipment has a vertical recirculating system, wich is able to operate with up to 30 armatures or stators loaded in the magazine. The machine operation is done in four stations.: Load and unload, Heating, varnish application and resin cure

It has control of parameters such as: Cure temperature; Rotors circulation speed, Rotors rotation; and varnish pump output in every head.

The rotors might be loaded and unloaded manually or automatically by a manipulator. The fixation of the rotors to the circulating system is posible due to spring closing nippers. Allows to operate with different diameter shafts.

The equipment is provided with a venting system for the varnish and resin volatile vapors and tank level control.

The load and unload station is in the lowest point of the circulating system trajectory. After being loaded the rotors move vertically receiving heat in the heating station while they are monitored by infra-red thermal sensors. On the top of the system the varnish is applied to the rotor by tubes conected to peristaltic pumps. The heating process keeps on during the descent (return) always being monitored by infra-red thermal sensors. During the whole process, the rotors spins on its own axis. The circulating system stops for an instant to allow the load and unload of each rotor.



Estimated Cycle 12 sec / pc
Rotors maximum piling up 60 mm
Rotors diameter 50 mm
Compressed air 6 bar
Front Length 1600 mm
Depth 1500 mm
Height 1920 mm


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