DMB 16000

DMB-16000CNC Lathe for DC Motor Commutator


This lathe has all the features needed for lathing armature commutator with the quality required by the auto parts and home-appliances industries.

The load and unload operations are quickly done by an automatic linear transporter or manually. This equipment uses modern drives and is built on a strong and solid base.

  • CLP Command
  • Position and hydraulic speed control.
  • Strong steel structure with high stiffness.
  • Synthetic diamond tool.
  • Polished diamond prismatic bearings.
  • Commutator cleaning system with Nylon brush.
  • Prism automatic lubrication system (with isopropyl alcohol)
  • Air suction system for splinters evacuation


Maximum rotation 15000 rpm
Maximum plates pile up 60 mm
Rotor maximum diameter 45 mm
Commutator maximum diameter 25 mm
Front length 400 mm
Depth 800mm
Height 1500 mm


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