DMB 15000


CNC Armature Winding Machine


This machine is adequate to wind DC and Universal motors armatures. It combines the programming features and the dynamic characteristics similar to the most modern equipment for this application. It can run with manual load/unload or coupled to an automatic production line.

  • Three axes CNC synchronized movements;
  • Programming is comprehensive, simple and with many features;
  • Heavy duty mechanics with pneumatic components and mechatronics supplied by well-known vendors.
Production Applications

DC motors armatures (automotive and machine tools)

Universal motors armatures (domestic appliances)

Command 3 CNC axes. Motion control via DSP board.
Interface PC running Windows
Drivers Brushless motors
Armature Diameters up to 80.0 mm, length up to 80.0 mm
Wire Diameter from 0.07 mm to 1.0 mm
Spinning up to 3,000 rpm
Tensioners Electromagnetic or mechanic.
Safety Acrylic door with sensor.
Mechanics Rugged, accurate and compact. Linear guides with ball screws.
Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 1,300 (width) x 1,400 (height) x 900 mm (depth)
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