DMB 13000 SP

DMB-13000-SPStarter Motor Stator Winding Machine


This equipment is ideal for winding DC or Shaded Poles Stators. It can operate with manual load / unload or coupled to an automatic production line.

  • Versatile program, easy and resourceful.
  • Help mechanism for manual unload.
  • Wire cutting and holding mechanism.
  • The software manages all the operation.
  • Electronic, mechanic and pneumatic parts supplied by world class companies.
Production Applications

Universal Motors Stators (electrical appliances, electric tools, etc)

Shaded Poles Stators (fans, etc)



Control PLC.
Interface HMI.
Drive Induction Motor
Stator Diameters from 100mm, length up to 80,0mm
Wires 0.07 to 0.5 mm
Rotation Up to 1000 rpm
Tensioners Pneumatics.
Mechanics Rugged and accurate. Linear guides with ball bearings.
Lubrication Forced and controlled.
Weight 650 KG
Safety Acrylic door with sensor
Dimensiones 800 (Front) x 2200 (Height) x 900 (Depth)


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