DMB 13000 SM

DMB-13000-SMStator Winding Machine


This equipment was designed to wind modern automotive starter motors. It is an up-to-date stator winding machine of its kind. It is capable of operating in an automatic production line or individually.

  • Simple programming
  • Winds 2 poles simultaneously.
  • Equipped with fixture for wire cutting and grabbing
  • Parts and components from renowned international companies
Production Applications

Stators of automotive starter motors wound with round wire



Command Micro controlled by PC in Windows based programming
Drivers Servo motors
Stator diameter minimum 40 mm
Wire Round, from 0,5 to 1,6 mm
Stators 2 and 4 poles
Speed Up to 180 strikes per minute
Tensioners Electro-magnetic
Mechanics Robust and compact
Weight 2.500 Kg
Security Light curtain, acrylic door with sensors


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