DMB 1007

DMB-1007CNC Ceiling fan Winding Machine


This equipment is used for winding ceiling fan stators. Winds up to 20 different coils directly on the stator. It works with 2 winding heads in alternate operation.

  • Works with rotations up to 5000 rpm
  • Winding sequence and number of turns of the stator coils are previously programmed.
  • The operator only loads and unloads the stator
  • One operator might operate up to 3 machines.
  • Tough mechanical contruction and with pneumatics, electronics components supplied by world class companies.
  • Safety for the operator guaranteed by acrylic door with sensor.
Production Applications

16 and 20 poles Ceiling Fan Stators.

Control Microcontrolled.
Drive AC Motor.
Stator Diameters up to 160 mm, height up to 20,0 mm.
Wires 0.3 to 0.5 mm.
Rotation up to 5000 rpm.
Tensioners Electromagnetic.
Mechanics Tough, accurate and compact.
Linear guides with ball bearings.
Weight 350 Kg.
Safety Acrylic door with sensor.
Dimensions 1100 (front) x 1750 (height) x 1100 (depth).
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