Coil Winding Machine DMB 6001

DMB 6001

Winding Machine with up to 6 spindles, wire

wrapping, 4 CNC Axes


The winding machines DMB 6001 were designed with modern conception, up-to-date numeric control and precise mechanics. It produces coils in 4 or 6 spindles per cycle, with wires between 0.05 and 1.0. The machine can optionally wind the terminals, cut the wires and load empty bobbins in few seconds.

This equipment is ideal for companies requiring a quick setup in medium to large production volumes.

  • Smooth CNC controls and simultaneous movements in 4 axes: X, Y, Z, and spindle.
  • Programming is simple and has many features allowing the performing of complex paths.
  • Software monitors the machine operation thoroughly. It does also statistical analysis and displays maintenance instructions.
  • Spindles are appropriate to operate at high speed for extended periods of time.
  • Rugged cast iron spindle head block ensuring low noise and vibration levels.
  • Drivers, pneumatic and mechanical parts are supplied by vendors acknowledged worldwide.
Production Applications

Medium or high production of solenoids, coils, relays, inductors, etc.

Control Numerical control. Four degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z and spindle).
Software Intuitive graphical programming.
Statistics and maintenance modules.
Step-by-step execution and simulation tools
Control of external tools and equipments.
Interface PC with touch screen monitor.
Possibility of USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and connection to a network. Remote programming and back-up.
Axis 4 or 6 winding axis.
Distance between axis 80 mm (6 axis), 130 mm (4 axis).
Pitch distance 120 mm
Wires 0,05 mm to 1 mm (18 to 44 AWG).
Pitch resolution 0,001 mm per turn.
Rotation maximum of 6000 rpm.
Tensioners Electromagnetic or mechanics.
Mechanics Compact and assembled with up-to-date components.
Modern design for better ergonomics and efficiency.
Weight 450 Kg  (990 Lbs)
Security Sensors, protections and acrylic doors.
Dimensions 1200 mm x 1100 mm x 1555 mm (height).
Accessories Load and unload bar.
Tilt-bar for wire wrapping to the terminals.
Scissors for automatic cutting for the wires.
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