DCB 600


Combined Winding Machine for Wire and Foil


This winding machine was developed to wind both round wire and foil. It has three rolls for insulation material, one flattener wire and automatic lung that controls the speed and the wire with tension.



Control Microcontrolled CNC with 2 degrees of freedom (spindle and traverse)
Memory Allows to store up to 5000 windings
Programming Easy programming
“Teach-in” mode (operator activates commands manually)
While winding you can change the winding direction, coil winding direction, winding pitch and others commands
Interfaces PC Computer
Programming on Windows environment
LCD monitor on the cabinet
Spindle AC Motor with frequency inverter
Speed from 20 to 600 rpm
Torque 35 kgf
Acceleration and deceleration ramps control
It bears a load of 250 Kg without tailstock
Wire guide Pitch electronic control
Stepper motor with speed adjustment
Motor de passo com ajuste de velocidade
Linear guides and ball bearing screw
Maximum traverse of 300 mm
Pitch resolution: maximum 10 mm per turn
Tensioner Tensioner with boken wire sensor
Tension mechanically adjustable
Coil Max diameter 600 mm
Max width 300 mm
Characteristics Weight: 2500 Kg.
Dimensions:1900 (width) x 1400 (height) x 3500 mm (depth)
Foil Dereeler 01 spindle Hydraulic brake (manually adjustable by pneumatic pressure)
Expandable mandrel (mechanical or pneumatic)
Anti-reverse turn mechanism for foil dereeler
Raw material – Max outer diameter 700 mm and max width 225 mm
Inner diameter 330 mm
Insulation Dereeler 03 spindles Hydraulic brake (manually adjustable by pneumatic pressure)
Expandable mandrel (mechanical or pneumatic)
Raw material – Max outer diameter 370 mm and max width 300 mm
Inner diameter 76 mm


  • Tensioner for smaller wires, wire flattener, higher torque device, etc…
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